Playa del Carmen Strip Clubs and Gentleman Clubs

Playa del Carmen Strip Clubs

Playa del Carmen Strip Clubs are among the only ones in Mexico that actually have live shows like the ones in the Estates or Canada.  Even though they do have that in common they are not much like them.  In All of Mexico, they are also known as “Tables” short for what is call table dance or Lap Dance.

Gentleman Clubs or Strip Clubs More than Live Shows

These Clubs are not only entertainment to a good bachelor party but also more of a room full-service kind of venues.  Offering more than lap dances so the “Happy Ending” as we can call it.   Some of the services are:

  • Live Shows
  • Lap Dances
  • Happy Endings
  • Escorts
  • Working girls
  • Companionship girls
  • Some offer Sexual Massages

That brings certain criminal activities sort of speak so if you are going or want to go to a strip club here is some guidelines to follow.


Playa del Carmen Strip Joints to know facts


  1. Note that all drinks are more expensive for the girls if you invite them drinks and that their job is to get you to buy them drinks otherwise they leave, so if you do pay upfront all of the drinks since some places add drinks at the end and you can’t argue about it.
  2. Pay upfront all of your drinks, the group’s drinks and the girl’s drinks avoid surprises after.
  3. Always know where your money is at especially if the girls are touching you and seating on you.
  4. Be clear of what you are getting for what you are paying
  5. Check on bottle service, some bottles are cheaper than ordering single drinks but always pay as you get the drinks don’t wait for later
  6. Note that if you want to take a girl out of the club there is a fee they have to pay or you, but usually even though the girl’s price you might be able to negotiate but not the club’s fee.
  7. Also, Taxis get a commission for taking people to these venues so a lot of them don’t like that a transportation company brings you there, so if you hired private transportation do it with time to get the right paper of request order in place and avoid conflict with taxis.
  8. Last but not least if there is any trouble or argument with the venue, WALKAWAY, nothing is worth a bad result.  

We can organize your visit to one of the strip joints in the area.  

Transportation and entry fee with a tour guide to work with you 

CONTACT US and let us know the size of group and dates

7 + 1 =

Top Strip Clubs in Playa del Carmen

Said that and keeping in mind our guidelines and recommendations here is some of the top Gentleman clubs in Playa del Carmen.

Chilly Willys Strip Club

Located close to Tulum with over 25 years in the area and still rotating some of the HOT GILRS  from all over the world. 


Located a few blocks from central Playa del Carmen and with live shows all night.

The Pleasure Palace

Right in the heart of Playa del Carmen, with NO LIVE SHOWS and more of happy ending service place with rooms.  You can either have girls come to your place or stay there.

Club 69

Also in the heart of Playa del Carmen with live shows and girls from all over the world.

Location Map of Strip Clubs