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Why playa del carmen for your bachelorette party

Here is why playa del carmen for your bachelorette party and bachelor parties. Vegas has met its match in Bachelor and Bachelorette parties.   You have probably been talking and discussing where to go and what to do.  You can not go wrong with Playa del Carmen, you can spend a weekend here and enjoy it non stop.  A place that has a bit of everything, great nightlife with over 6 nightclubs and a couple of pub crawls.  Great beach clubs and bars to party at or just a beautiful beach to enjoy.   

Bachelor Yacht Parties

Also, Private yachts, catamaran, and nonprivate booze cruises to party on the open sea with your group or with other people as well.  This place has also a rich Mayan culture presence that you can indulge in and have a cultural immersion.   With so many things to offer but this is why we think.  Playa del Carmen is a great place for your bachelor or bachelorette yacht parties

Thompson Hotel Rooftop

With amazing views and bachelor and bachelorette packages.  The Thompson hotel is one of the best places to stay in Playa del Carmen.  With its swimming pool overseeing the Caribbean, where you can tan or just have a good night swim.   A bar with amazing cocktails to enjoy a day or night of drinking.  A restaurant with just delicious cuisine for a romantic dinner or lunch.  Open to the public for drinks and dinner, making available for everyone to enjoy a great high-end rooftop.   So whether you are staying somewhere else or in the hotel, you can enjoy this great venue with ocean views and swimming pool.

Coralina Beach Club

Las Vegas day club style in Playa del Carmen, with all the go-go girls and shows.  VIP areas, swimming pools, and fusion cuisine to enjoy a great lunch or dinner.  Party the day at the most high-end beach club in the area, living up to las vegas day clubs.  Make sure you make your reservation in advance to catch a good area.  A weekend of bubbly champagne and good looking people all around.  If you like las vegas day clubs, you will love Coralina right on the beach in front of the ocean and a great atmosphere to party at.   Just note that they have a minimum consumption per table or you can just drink from the bar.


Pub Crawl

Fully enjoy the nightlife of Playa del Carmen with a famous pub crawl of different bars and nightclubs.  All-inclusive nightlife tour with tour guide and table service to get the most out of the night.  With different venues to visit each night.  You can even repeat the tour or find a club you enjoy for the following nights you are in town.  You can have a private nightlife tour with your group, with private areas and your own private tour guide to feel more at ease and more personal to your group.  Enjoy unlimited bottle service from the open bar at selected venues as through the tour and top 40s music to dance to.

Booze Cruise

Ride the waves of the Riviera Maya listening to your favorite tunes and drinking your favorite cocktails.  Snorkel with turtles or simply jump off the boat into the water to refresh your self in the crystal clear waters of this paradise.  A cruise along the coastline to a reef where you get to jump in the water as the boat stops.  Whether tanning, partying, fishing or snorkeling, this is a great option for any bachelor or bachelorette group.   Going out early morning to catch a good tan and just clear skies or at the afternoon to catch the sunset as well. 

Gentleman’s Club

There are different strip clubs in the area with live shows all night long to top off the celebration with a traditional lap dance for the bachelor.   They usually have an entry fee and a minimum consumption but for a good bachelor party entrainment. What better place to finish?  Usually, live shows start at 10 pm and go on all night until early morning or you can have the girls come over to your table for drinks just know drinks for girls are more expensive than yours. 

ATV or Four Wheeler Tour in the Jungle

Take a ride on an ATV, Four-wheeler through the jungle of the Riviera Maya.  Following a private trail through some Mayan villages and greenery scenery.  Also taking you to a private Cenote to jump in the water to swim and dust off where you will have a snack ready for you and your group.  Finishing with two zip lines to  make it a bit more interested and heading back on the ATVs to the starting point. 


This is why Playa del Carmen for your Bachelorette Party 

Now you know what to expect from the Riviera Maya and what to do when you are in this beautiful city of Playa del Carmen.  So wonder no more and you will not regret your “last fling before the ring” event.